Live the Lion was created in an attempt to keep everyone up to date on Lance O'Cull and his road to recovery.

Lance was involved in a car accident near Morehead, Kentucky about 30 miles from where we grew up Thanksgiving weekend of 2010. He was airlifted from the scene of the accident to UK Medical Center in Lexington. The doctors told us that they could fix everything below the neck, but his brain was in God's hands. On December 22, after multiple surgeries, Lance was transferred to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia for an intense rehabilitation program.

It was there that Lance began to gradually emerge from a coma. Lance was discharged to home, in Vanceburg on February 17th, to continue his therapy with family.

On March 10th, Lance's 25th birthday, he stood on his feet for the first time in 103 days, with lots of help. On May 11th, Lance was accepted into Cardinal Hill's brain injury unit. There he impressed and amazed our family and friends, as well as his therapists through the progress he made everyday.

Between September 2011 and April of 2012, Lance was back and forth between Cardinal Hill's inpatient program and Shepherd Center's inpatient and outpatient program. He has had a couple minor surgeries to enhance his healing and a baclofen pump inserted to help with the tone in his body.

For the past year, Lance is back in Lewis County splitting his time with both parents. He continues to travel to Ashland 3 times a week and Lexington once a week. He is learning to walk again and we couldn't be more thrilled.

It hasn't been easy, Lance has had some setbacks and tears still fall. But he is up and running this marathon. And we are all running right along beside him.

Most of the blog entries have been made by myself, Chelcee, the big sister, Brock, our baby brother, and Dr. Johnny, our dad. Our goal is for Lance to finish this blog as soon as he is able.

God has been with Lance and our entire family, giving us strength. We give Him the Glory. He is the God of Miracles.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey guys... Lance, Brock and I have a very dear friend, Bekah who will be traveling to Haiti in March of next year. I've talked to Lance quite a bit about this and we've decided to help sponsor her trip. It's an adventure that Lance would be love to be embarking on himself. Please read this beautiful letter, maybe you will find it in your heart to help as well.

Dear Family & Friends & Others Who Find Themselves Reading This Letter:

God is good.  My life is nothing but blessed.  From the people I am surrounded by, to the school I attend, to the health that I have, to the material goods that I cherish and use everyday.  I absolutely have no need to complain about a thing.  And I am not.  But there use to be something missing in my life.  

Usually when someone says there is something missing in their life, it is God.  Or a spouse.  Or kids.  God...I have.  Spouse...I do not want yet.  Kids...I do not need yet.  This was something deeper.  It was purpose.  It was passion.  I knew God had me where I was for a reason, but the curiosity was killing me, and I was running out of patience in finding what filled this hole in my heart.  

But that missing thing in my life...I found it two and half years ago.

I found it on filthy streets filled with trash and animals and disgust.  I found it in the eyes of a woman who had no way of feeding her children for the next week until she washed my laundry.  I found it sitting in the middle of a orphanage floor with six toddlers playing with my hair and fighting to sit in my lap.  I found it in a silent moment holding a blind elderly man's hand while rocking in rocking chairs.  I found it standing in a brothel looking around at a group of women who held their children who had lost all hope in their future.  I found it in a small church building listening to a city of people praise a mighty God.  I found my passion in a nation that has the most beautiful people who understand what it is to have nothing, but yet have everything.  

Haiti has a part of my heart.  I have no idea why God decided to send me there in June of 2009, but He did, and I will be forever grateful.  Those ten summer days has changed my life in every way.  My perspective of life...of God...of poverty, is completely different.  That trip hit hard.  I felt guilty, ashamed, stupid, uneducated, lost, and like a complete failure.  How did I not know that people lived like that?  Why did I not have faith like these people?

Even though my first trip made me feel absolutely horrible about myself as a human and as a Christian, I had to go back.  I was addicted.  I had to be around those people.  I had to serve them.  After the earthquake in January of 2010, the opportunity arose for a group of us to return in March.  Again Haiti stole more of my heart and I learned more about myself and my God.  After returning once again, I found myself thinking of the country and its people more than I already had before.  They had become my friends.  I was ready to go back and this past March, I did for the third time.

I have been to Haiti three times and I fall deeper in love each time I travel there.  God has taught me about joy, service, and hope - three words I hear everyday here in the States, but have never truly experienced until I walked on the soil of Haiti.  Those people know what it is to have joy when you have nothing else.  They understand that we are called to serve even when you have nothing to offer.  And the Haitians have hope when they have no reason to.  

Here is the point - I love my God.  I love Haiti.  And I will return to serve His people there as many times as He allows.  

In March of 2012, I plan on returning to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti for a fourth time  I am so excited to be able to once again see God's work being done in this Fourth World country.

Not only am I traveling along with a group, but this time I am leading the group.  Yes, I am super excited about this opportunity to lead 34 people on a trip that will completely change their life, but I am also super nervous.  I am beyond humbled and shocked that God is using me to help this group of young people have the opportunity to see what breaks His heart.  It is a huge responsibility, however I know God is going to be with me every step of the way.  

So the bad part - this trip is going to cost $2,136.  Additionally, my trip must be paid off by mid-January.  Yes...that number is big.  But my God is bigger.  And I have seen Him work in some amazing ways to provide and I have no doubt after three different times of having to raise a similar amount, that He will come through in what seems a small amount of time.  

Here is where you come in.  I need help.  I do not have this kind of money.  However, I have been told to return to Haiti once again to serve and to lead a group of people that God has put together to do work for His Kingdom.  I cannot argue with that.  So I very humbly ask that if you can financially support my upcoming trip in any way, I would be beyond grateful.  

I know that not everyone can travel to Haiti...or Africa...or New Zealand...and not all of us need to.  There is mission work that needs to be done right here in our own towns in the United States.  But God's children is not limited to our borders.  Some of us are called to other countries and I have no doubt that I am one of those people.  But I cannot do it alone.  I also know that God uses people like you to help spread His love and HIs truth through your finances. 

If you feel led to help support my trip, you may make a check out to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  By making your check our to this mission, your gift is tax deductible.  Please send your check to:
Rebekah Bryant
1828 Foxport Road
Wallingford, KY 41093

I must ask of one other favor.  Please keep Haiti, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, my group, and myself in your prayers.  God is sovereign and He listens when His people lift their voices.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about my trip or Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, please feel free to email me at or you can go to their website at

For Him,
Rebekah Bryant 

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